Homestay Parathode India

Feel Ayurveda along with
True Indian Family traditions
Feel Ayurveda along with
True Indian Family traditions
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Let’s You Live Better Through Ayurveda

As per the vision put forward by Dr. Joy Mathew – staying in a homely place will help a person relax physically and mentally and also helps him/her to achieve a better results from treatments.

Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda is established in the foothills of high ranges, amid Madukkakuzhy plantations, Kottayam, extending over twenty acres. The foundation is integrated and attended by the family of Dr. Joy Mathew, Dr. Robin Jacob, and Dr. Jobin J Madukkakuzhy. The medicines, the raw materials for different medicinal oils and other products for the pharmacy are produced in the center itself.

At Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda you live alongside a strongly bonded Indian traditional Ayurveda family. Here, you can experience the special forms of Ayurvedic therapy and savor traditional homemade food, as well as learn yoga, meditation and Indian cuisine and one can observe at first hand, a family deeply united in their dedication to Ayurvedic tradition.

A Day at Parathode Homestay

Daily plans are scheduled after consulting the doctors and a typical day Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda is as follows

  • 06:15 am : you can either enjoy the Yoga training for an hour or you can go for a morning walk (in alternate days) of 4.5 Kilometers (depends on the status of ailment and type of treatment you are undergoing).
  • 07:30 am : Morning tea – Variety of tea options.
  • 08:00 am : Morning Consultation.
  • 08:30 am : Breakfast – chance to enjoy the regional recipes – homemade Ayurvedic food for our guests.

ayurveda kerala

Main Treatment of the Day : 8:00 am to 11:30 am

  • 11:00 am : Fresh Fruit Juice according to body types.
  • 01:00 pm : Lunch
  • 03:00 pm : Second Treatment of the day.
  • 04:00 pm : Tea and Fruits
  • 06:30 pm : Dinner.
ayurveda kerala


  • Homely and furnished apartments with balconies.
  • Routine exercises, Yogas, and other recreational activities.
  • Homely and fresh vegetarian dishes according to the Doshas (illness).
  • Proper and accurate medication during therapies and treatments.
  • Scheduled Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Daily consultation by doctors
  • Well-equipped team and nourishing ambience.

Rejuvenating Mind, Body
and Soul with Ayurveda