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The best ayurvedic treatment for back pain and hair loss

Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain and Hair Loss

Many people opt for allopathic treatments for persistent ailments like back pain and hair loss even when it is well known that specific remedies or treatments are not available for such conditions. Allopathic treatments, in most cases, only help in alleviating the symptoms. It does not provide relief and rehabilitation in the longer term.
Ayurveda, the stream of Indian traditional medicine, that emphasizes recovery and rehabilitation through holistic treatment regimes by focusing on the root cause of an ailment, has become the preferred option for many people for the treatment of back pain and hair loss. Ayurveda is a long-established system of traditional healing methods and focuses on providing holistic healing for the body and mind. It is thus found to be very effective for both preventive and curative treatments.
Back pain is one of the most common ailments, especially among adults. There are many causes of back pain – from falling or lifting heavy weights to, increasingly, bad postures at work and home. The pain can happen to any part of the back and could be either very acute or a small niggling one.
Some of the best and effective ayurvedic treatments for back pain include:

  • Kati Basti, a way of holding warm oil for extended durations at the location of the pain
  • Abhayanga, full body massages using medicated oils usually followed with steam therapy
  • Balancing the Vata Dosha in the lower back by adhering to the prescribed diet, induced enema, consumption of herbal supplements and rest

Effective hair loss treatment through ayurveda
Backpain is not the only common ailment that is brought about by the stresses and strains of everyday life. Hair loss is one other such ailment that affects the vast majority of the population. Though there are a variety of remedies to combat hair loss, the best and effective remedies are through ayurvedic hair treatments offered by ayurvedic resorts and clinics.
According to ayurveda, hormonal imbalance, dominance of pitta dosha, improper diet, lack of sleep, etc, are some of the main reasons for hair loss. Ayurvedic treatment to reduce hair loss is achieved by attempting to pacify the vata and pitta doshas and strengthening the kapha dosha in the patient’s body. The most common treatments for hair loss in ayurveda include adherence to prescribed diet, consumption of herbs, oil massages and rest. Bhringa and amla are two common herbs used in the formulation of oils used for the treatment of hair loss and re-growth.
Traditional therapies for hair loss include:

  • Dhara – an ayurvedic treatment where herbal oils are slowly and constantly applied to the forehead for duration of 45 minutes
  • Abhyangam – a specialized massage technique where the pressure is applied to the problem area
  • Thala pothichil – an ayurvedic treatment where a herbal paste made up of various natural ingredients are applied on the patient’s scalp and covered with banana leaves

Ayurvedic treatment regime

The ayurvedic treatment regime is usually a well structured package of medication, massage, diet and rest combined with yoga and meditation sessions that will lead to the rejuvenation of the body and soul and make us ready to dive head on to the next challenges in our lives.
Kerala, in South India, is one of the best known destinations for quality ayurvedic treatment. Historically, ayurvedic treatment methods were passed down generations of families of ayurvedic practitioners. There are many such very famous families of ayurvedic practitioners across Kerala. There are also many specialist ayurveda medical colleges in Kerala that produce highly skilled ayurveda doctors who combine traditional ayurveda knowledge with modern techniques in diagnosis.
The traditional ayurvedic practitioning families as well as ayurvedic doctors who have acquired the necessary skills from medical colleges have set up hospitals and clinics in Kerala that give the best ayurvedic treatment. Kottayam in Kerala is one such place which is home to good quality hospitals and clinics that are manned by qualified ayurvedic doctors and skilled therapists and has the necessary equipment and facilities required to give a comprehensive range of ayurvedic treatments including treatments for back pain and hair loss.
By availing one of the ayurvedic therapy package for hair loss or back pain in one of the best ayurveda hospital or clinic in Kottayam or any other parts of Kerala, one can get relief from two ailments that trouble us in our everyday life and enhance our health for quality living.
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