Build better Mental Health through Ayurveda

Build better Mental Health through Ayurveda & Get Relief from the burden of Depression

Ayurveda Treatment for Mental Health

“Ayurveda is the science of life where treatments are not just based on the current state of an individual but various factors in an individual’s life are also taken into account too.”, says Dr. Robin Jacob – Our Chief Physician and Director. As it is understood, every moment is making an impact in our lives, consciously or subconsciously. Hence while a person seeks assistance from Ayurveda to cure any ailments, the doctors do a thorough analysis of their past, as in the life situations that they were in, both physical and emotional impacts they have been through, and other factors that influenced the person are considered as well. While mental health has become a matter of concern in the current society which is extremely competitive, more and more people are resorting to Ayurveda treatment for mental health. As proven by studies, most health issues have their root causes that can be traced back to mental stress. Ayurveda has always based its treatment plans on bringing on overall well-being for each and every person seeking assistance for their ailments while giving equal importance to physiological and psychological factors alike.

The age-old saying goes, only a sound mind can keep the body sound/healthy. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, diseases are a result of an imbalance in tridoshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Tridosha imbalance may be a result of the presence of ‘tamas’ or ‘rajas’ in an individual’s mind / Manas. It can be literally translated as; ‘tamas’ or darkness and ‘rajas’ or brightness are two factors that influence the imbalance in tridoshas. Darkness in the mind can be due to a tensed mind or stress factors affecting mental stability. The resultant dosha imbalance causes toxin build-up in an individual’s body which develops into a disease. Ayurveda, with the deep understanding that the harmony of body and mind is what makes a person completely healthy, has molded its treatments incorporating the wellness of both body and mind alike. “Allopathic Medical science also agrees to the fact that for any treatment to be effective, the person receiving the treatment should also be in accordance with the treatment that they are being subjected to. This has always been the principle of Ayurveda, where meditation and Yoga are involved in treatment schedules to bring the mind and body in sync with the treatment, for it to be effective.” – says Dr. Robin J Madukkakuzhy, Head of the Department of Yoga.

In Ayurveda treatment for mental health, Yoga and meditation are the two psychiatric practices suggested for any individual seeking assistance. Yoga is not just about the physical exercises performed, which is only a branch of yoga called ‘Hatha Yoga’. Yoga is more than an exercise. It is a method to invoke inner calmness and mental stability. Through an effective practice of Yoga, a person will eventually have better control over their mind and thoughts which inturn helps them achieve psychogenic balance. A balanced mind can help clear the accumulated tamas residing in it, thus clearing off toxins from the body. Quoting the words of our Medical Director Dr. Jobin J Madukkakuzhy, “Ayurveda focuses more on preventing any diseases from occurring. For any prevailing diseases, the root causes are found and treated so as to eliminate the illness as well as avoid it from recurring.” (Ayurveda KeralaAyurveda GermanyAyurveda TreatmentMedical CentreInternal Medicine Center)

Apart from practicing Yoga and meditation, a combination of ayurvedic herbs that are known to exhibit properties that can help nourish the neurological tissues, is administered orally to enhance the effectiveness of treatment. They are called ‘Medhya Rasayanas’ and are used as a tonic for the nerves. The treatment method which is used most commonly for the treatment of mental ailment is ‘Panchakarma’ which involves five processes including Vamana, Vasti, Virechana, and Nasya. The section of psychiatry in Ayurveda can effectively treat imbalances affecting the human mind such as Depression, insomnia, etc. Ashwagandha and Brahmi are the two most important herbs that are known for their nerve nourishing properties and hence widely used for the treatment of mental state imbalances.

Our expert team at Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda ensures total rejuvenation and healing of body and mind by managing a healthy lifestyle along with a balanced ayurvedic diet. What acts as a catalyst in making the treatment effective is of course the serene atmosphere of the facility overlooking the river surrounded by mountains that upholds the concept of healing through nature which is the central idea of Ayurveda. A calm atmosphere is essential especially for people trying to manage stress and other mental disorders. A relaxed mind is vital in furthering the treatment based on the traditional knowledge passed on through generations. What sets us apart is the herbal and vegetable garden which is the source for all our medicines and dietary requirements. We have an in-house medicine preparation unit so as to retain its medicinal essence to ensure maximum efficiency.

Each treatment plan is tailor-made at our Ayurveda wellness center Kerala to best suit the patient’s requirements to ensure the best results. Even with panchakarma therapy, which is a widely used treatment option for various ailments, the herbal oils used for the procedure and the herbal decoctions vary upon the type of treatment. In the current scenario where depression has become a threat to the sanity of our families – children and adults alike, owing to the never-ending competitions. Hence getting the best treatment at the right team is of extreme importance when it comes to dealing with matters related to the mind.

At Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda, we study the entire history of each patient before prescribing any treatment suitable for them. Upon starting the treatment, the entire wellness of the patient starting from their diet to medication is considered our responsibility and is taken utmost care in providing overall healing through our holistic approach. Ayurveda helps connect the body and mind, a collective effort of which is required in achieving overall wellbeing from any diseases. Panchakarma helps release toxins whereas Yoga and meditation help gather the reins of mind, control which is vital in maintaining the overall well-being of a person.

Dr. Jobin Joy

Dr. Jobin Joy Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda Physician and Medical Director Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda India and Germany. He is the 8th generation Ayurveda family member and the founder&medical director of Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda Germany that operates 2 centers. He did his studies under many Ayurveda scholars, Marma specialists, Chiropractors in and outside India and gained experience from Leela Kempinski, Bangalore and Goa.Dr. Jobin has conducted International seminars and awareness programs on Ayurveda since 2006 in Europe, Singapore, Middle East and the United States. He has also worked as a visiting Ayurveda Faculty at ESB Physio School in Bad Neustadt, Germany. He actively promotes authentic Ayurveda in Europe with DAGM (German Medical Association for Ayurveda Medicine.)