Ayurveda Weightloss

Ayurveda Weightloss
Stay healthy with
ancient science of Ayurveda

Being overweight and out of shape not only impacts our health but also creates a negative image of
our bodies. Today, there is an increased emphasis on maintaining a healthy body and the world has
woken up to incorporating different lifestyle changes to stay fit and healthy. While being overweight
can cause several other kinds of illnesses and discomforts, it also makes us feel conscious about our
self. Being in shape, on the other hand, is a definite confidence booster and it also helps us live a
healthy life. 
As the need to stay fit and in shape is growing across the world, there are several techniques,
treatments, and exercise regimens that have become popular. Be it adopting the basic workouts,
going on modern-day diets, or hitting the gym, health-conscious people keep trying all possible ways
to keep their weight in check. But one of the most effective and age-old ways of being slim is
Ayurveda. It is an ancient form of Indian medicine and body treatment that originated almost 5000
years back has now become a popular lifestyle for many across the world. Ayurveda is not just
prescribing some herbal medicines; it is a holistic way of treating the body based on an ancient
understanding of the human body. It looks at the body as a whole and treats the ailments right from
their root rather than just treating the symptoms. This is what makes Ayurveda so unique. 
Healthy Slimming therapy at Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda 
At Madukkakuzhy, we take a natural approach to losing weight rather than resorting to artificial or
synthetic ways of weight loss. Our approach is to create a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle,
incorporating healthy and ailing herbal drinks and medicines, include therapies like Udwarthanam,
Kashayadhara, Elakizhi, Pizhichil, etc. and follow yoga and meditation for a complete overhauling of
the body, mind, and soul. By incorporating changes that naturally accomplish weight loss, our
treatments and therapies are completely safe and healthy. We produce our own medicine, grow
herbal and Ayurvedic medicines, organic fruits and vegetables are our centres so that what we
provide to our patrons is 100 percent organic, safe, and natural. 
Our approach towards treating our customers is to provide them an experience that not only fulfils
their physical health issues but also rejuvenates their mind and the soul. Our centres are beautifully
located amid natural surroundings, far from the cacophony of urban life. This gives you the much-
needed break from the chaos of life so that you can enjoy some quiet moments in the lap of nature.
Our philosophy is to provide an experience that will rejuvenate your senses and bring peace to your
While we provide several therapies including Rejuvenating Therapy, Detox, Immunity Booster, Anti-
Aging and Radiant Beauty, one of our most popular therapies is Healthy Slimming. Each one of us
dreams of having a body that is in perfect shape, is healthy, and devoid of any ailments. And with
our Natural Slimming therapy, we help you make some very basic lifestyle changes that will have a
long-lasting impact on your body. From creating a balanced diet to providing herbal medicines,
teaching the basics of yoga and meditation, and other therapies, our Healthy Slimming treatment is
advantageous to people of all ages. This holistic approach helps people shed their inhibitions, accept
their flaws and work towards improving them. 

Ayurveda Weightloss
Ayurveda’s way of weight loss

Instead of focusing on any one aspect of the body, Ayurveda treats it as a whole. This allows
therapies to address issues holistically, and what you get is complete removal of doshas in your
body. The way Ayurveda treats weight loss is unique in its approach and the benefits are many. 

Eat according to your doshas: Ayurveda believes that we need to maintain the right balance of
energy in our body to keep it healthy. This is why balancing Pitta (fire and water), Vata (space and
air), and Kapha (earth and water) is important. 
All human bodies have these three doshas present in different combinations, and your diet and
eating habits should be following these. A Vata-dominant person should try to have 3-4 small meals
a day, incorporate lots of vegetables, eat juicy-sweet fruits, limit legumes, have lots of nuts, and
avoid frozen food, sugar, alcohol, etc. 
A pitta-dominant person’s dietary chart should have lots of raw vegetables and fruits, limit meat,
fish, and eggs, avoid spicy food, nuts and seeds and add lots of dairy products. While Kapha-
dominant people should have small quantities, avoid dairy products, and limit protein. They should
eat a lot of leafy vegetables and add fruits like apples, cranberries, peaches, and mangoes to the
Keeping a tab on your weight and keeping your body in a good shape will always make you feel good
about yourself. Not only does it have several health benefits, but it also builds a positive body image
in your mind and makes you feel more confident. But weight loss through synthetic processes or
extreme diets is never advisable. Instead, try Ayurveda therapies that provide a complete balance in
your body making it healthy holistically. At Madukkakuzhy, we provide an enriched, well-researched,
and traditional Healthy Slimming therapy that will help you reduce weight most naturally.

Rejuvenating Mind, Body
and Soul with Ayurveda

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