ECO-FRIENDLY CONCEPTS – To give back more than we take

We at Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda constantly strive to protect the mother nature. Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda gains a lot from mother nature as she plays an important part in our Ayurvedic healing. We are giving back to mother nature by implementing Eco-friendly concepts at our campus. We implement green living practices that helps us to conserve resources like water, air, land and energy. We at Madukkakuzhy believe that Eco-friendly practices can keep both environment and humans safe, for now and in the future.

Organic Farming – Towards achieving the goal of Organic farming, we use 100% organic manures in our garden to produce different varieties of Banana, Papaya, Tapioca, Yam, Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper, Cardamom etc and thus leading to a healthy and resilient people and ecosystem.

Rainwater harvesting – We implemented rainwater harvesting in our campus in the year 2000. The rainwater harvesting tank has a capacity of 275,000 litres and it’s used 3 times/year. Rainwater harvesting helps us to save the precious resource that is fast depleting in India.

Ayurveda Plantation – We have a well maintained Herbal Garden at our premises. Our herbal garden has rare species of herbs, some of which are threatened with extinction. More than 100 varieties of Ayurveda Herbs are preserved and most of these are utilized for special preparation and treatment.

Biogas – Waste management is another important area where we implement our Eco-friendly concepts. The biogas plant was implemented in the year 2011 and it helps us to convert our kitchen solid waste into cooking gas (up to 6 hours a day x 1 stove is using this) and the solid waste is also used as an organic fertilizer in our farm and Ayurveda plantation.

No to plastic – We use plastic as less as possible. We use paper bags, linen bags instead of plastic bags, and we use large water containers instead of bottled water as steps to reach our goal of “no to plastic”.

Wind Energy – Exhaust system of our Pharmacy and Yoga hall are 100% Wind energy-dependent and thus contribute to saving energy.

Solar Energy – Hot water systems are solar-powered since 2008. This helps us save electricity and instead use the richest energy source the “Sun”. We have set a goal of converting our campus to a 100% solar-powered campus by 2020.

Recycling – We join the recycling community with small steps by reusing the news paper for paper bags, envelope and by using reusable medicine bottles.


  • We support our local community by ensuring that 95% of our staffs are from nearby regions.
  • Most of our vegetables and spices are sourced from nearby regions.
  • We contribute to all religious festivals in our region.
  • We provide education support for poor students through Helping Aid for Needed Students (HANS).
  • We respect the culture and social values of Kerala.


“The gift of learning is everlasting”. Helping Aid for Needed Students (HANS Educational Trust) is an initiative taken by Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda to improve the lives of children in Kerala by providing them with the financial support for education. We are also associated with “Education support for poor children in Kerala” in Bad Neustadt, Germany to reach our goal of education for all.

The guest can educate a child either by donating full expenses for education (part-time/full time) or can support by sharing the expenses with other donors. The guest can visit the child they are supporting by visiting them at his/her school. We assure you that 100% of your contribution is reaching the children without any hidden or organization costs.

Thus your help can change the lives of children and give them a better future. We aim to significantly reduce the number of children in Kerala who are missing out the basic right to education.

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Ms.Ebba Karina Sander MBA Business Partner- International Manager
Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda

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